Acrylic Paint, 1997/98

Acrylic Paint, 1997/98

Stefan Gritsch (*1951)

About the artwork

The wall painting entitled “Acrylic Paint” and the “acrylic paint volumes” of the “Moveable Collection” displayed in showcases were commissioned by ETH Zurich as art in architecture. The work shows Gritsch’s exploration of painting and acrylics as a material. The paint itself, the focal theme of this work, departs from the two-dimensional space of the canvas and becomes a three-dimensional object.

Art Inventory ETH Zurich, Ki-00249

Art Inventory ETH Zurich, Ki-00250


  • Acrylic paint, wood
  • ETH Zurich, Zentrum, CLA building
  • Stairwells and glass atrium, level D

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