Dominique, 1988/89

Dominique, 1988/89

Franz Gertsch (*1930)

About the artwork

For this impressively large woodcut, a gift to ETH Zurich’s Collection of Prints and Drawings, Franz Gertsch projected a photograph onto a huge wooden panel. The artist then spent several months painstakingly tracing the portrait point by point with a chisel. During the process, he would turn off the projection, only switching it back on to check his progress. Unlike traditional woodcuts, the contours are not emphasised here. Instead, dots of light are visible, lending the large-format work a remarkably painterly structure.


  • Woodcut
  • ETH Zurich, Zentrum, main building
  • Level E, foyer of the Graphische Sammlung
  • Mon–Fri, 6.00–22.00
  • Sat, Sun, 8.00–17.00

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