Resident with valid Swiss passport, 1977/78

Resident with valid Swiss passport, 1977/78

Harald Naegeli (Sprayer of Zurich) (*1939)

About the artwork

This action stems from a time when Harald Naegeli caused a stir as the so-called “Sprayer of Zurich” by illegally spraying pictures onto public walls around the city. Today, he is regarded as a pioneer of graffiti art. Naegeli himself described the mysterious figures with which he populated the entire underground garage as “cave-dwellers”. Originally, there were further works by Naegeli on a number of ETH Zurich buildings, but these were eventually removed.

Art Inventory ETH Zurich, Ki-00274-02


  • Spray paint
  • ETH Zurich, Zentrum, main building
  • Underground garage
  • Mon–Sun, open 24 hours

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