Portraits of Students / ETH Zurich 05, 2005

Portraits of Students / ETH Zurich 05, 2005

Beat Streuli (*1957)

About the artwork

In his art, Beat Streuli focuses primarily on images of urban landscapes or, as in this case, portraits of anonymous people. Instead of staging his subjects, he photographs people unnoticed from a distance. As these 36 portraits reveal, his work is also characterised by the notion of capturing a specific moment in time. As Streuli puts it, “For me, each work is like a kind of timestamp. A few years from now, we’ll be able to see what students used to look like.”

Art Inventory ETH Zurich, Ki-00175


  • Photographic wallpaper
  • ETH Zurich, Zentrum, CHN building
  • Atrium
  • Mon–Fri, 6.30–19.00

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